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Our Spiritual Endowment (intro.)

June 18, 2016

Our Spiritual Endowment – …still available, but largely untapped.

The Spirit of God from Beginning to End – It is not by accident that the Bible begins and ends with the Spirit of God, or that we see Him in action all the way through.  Genesis 1:2 says, “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”  And in Revelation 22:17, we find, “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’”

First we see God’s Spirit active in creation, and last we see Him calling us to our Creator’s own eternal home.  In between we see Him in operation literally hundreds of times.  And now, throughout this New Covenant period when God is working with us by many ways and means, each one either directly or indirectly involves His Spirit.

Our salvation comes through the Person and work of God’s Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and our constant Companion is the Holy Spirit.  Many volumes have been written about the third Person of the Godhead, indescribable as He is, and countless conversations held, but still so much about Him remains a mystery.  So much about Him, and how God would use Him through us, can only be learned when we actually experience Him personally.  That is what God wants.

This little explanation about our spiritual endowment is meant to simply, and succinctly point out the vital role the Holy Spirit was meant to play in our lives as followers of Jesus Christ, God’s ambassadors to the world.  The Bible teaches that God would have Him play a much more prominent role in our daily lives than most of us realize.  And that should be an issue of great concern to all of us.  He is God.  And He is God’s Agent in the world today, bringing about God’s perfect plan even as we speak.  He is carefully orchestrating nations and kingdoms, spiritual dominions and the powers that be, things both great and small, leading everything to God’s predetermined end – that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and that God the Father is glorified to the full!  The Spirit of God is the gift of God to all those born of Him, and God the Father wants us to work in concert with Him constantly, and continually.  Let us do just that!

The Hope of God’s Glory in the World – The Spirit of God revealed mysteries of ages past to the apostle Paul, first – secret truths put in place before the world began.  They were spoken by the prophets, but never really understood.  Those hidden secrets, referred to approximately twenty times throughout the New Testament, involve God’s work among us, how He freely gave up His own life to the death so that we might be saved; and afterward that He would come alongside us, and even inside us making His abode, accompanying us all the way to our heavenly home.  What an incomprehensible thought!  But what a profound reality!  Right now “we have this treasure [His Spirit] in our earthen vessel.” II Cor. 4:7

“To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Col. 1:27

This present-day, inconceivable union between God and man is how God chose to glorify Himself in the world more than in any other way.  That alone should get and keep our undivided attention.  I pray that I will give Him my utter devotion, and that you will too.

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