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Oswald Chambers – Approved Unto God

“To follow Jesus Christ today is to follow a madman according to the ideals of present day civilization. We have the idea that our civilization is God-ordained, where as it has been built up by ourselves. We have made a thousand and one necessities until our system of civilized life is as cast iron, and then we apologize to the Lord for not following Him…”


Frederick J. Huegel, missionary to Mexico, early 1900s:

“If I have been able to feel the spirit that has moved the efforts of Christians, pastors, and missionaries in these later years; if I have been able to perceive the concern of our work, I would say: The supreme passion of many hearts, the deepest yearning of many brethren is that a great revival similar to those in the days of Wesley, Fox, Finney, and Moody, would sweep our the whole country, overthowing the citadels of darkness, and transporting thousands into the kingdom. Many have been praying, crying out in the Spirit, and shedding tears before the Almighty, waiting for such an event… Why did God not answer us? Why didn’t He want to visit us with a great revival similar to those He has brought to to other countries in other times… Why doesn’t God visit us with a great outpouring of His Spirit? Finally… I now see that the problem is not with God. My eyes have been opened to see that the obstacles exists in us… Why talk of evangelizing the masses when there are enormous blocks of paganism in my own being that need to be exposed? Should I give to others what I’ve not given to my own soul still in darkness?” [Through seeking God in two more years of prayer] “The answer came, “You have been crucified with My Son. You have to die taking advantage of the death of the Savior. That great mountain of self-centeredness and carnality, you have to get rid of it! Go to Calvary with everything! To Calvary with your life and flesh! To Calvary with everything that is not inspired by the Holy Spirit… Finally the Cross of Christ worked in me, and after the Cross a glorious resurrection. Oh, what glory! What an abundant life! A great revival, rivers of the water of life; a life of victory, fullness of life in Christ Jesus!”

Walk By Faith Right Now

Many a man and woman is gifted, and many are endowed with resources; but few are willing to live the disciplined life worthy of Jesus Christ enough to realize the depth and height of His life lived out.

A Glorious Church!

Many of us know what it is to walk by faith (albeit on different levels), even to some who live in the USA. Thus I think it is likely that some of you can relate to the point that I share. While it is scriptural and familiar to the multitudes, the multitudes do not know it through experiential reality. Those of you who do will appreciate this series of blogs, of which this is the first, about living faith.

  • “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” I John 5:4

Caution! Never mind about yesterday. Are we overcoming by authentic faith today?

In a land of plenty it is easy, and tempting for the flesh (“sold under sin” – Rom. 7:14) to gravitate toward security and comfort, even for those who have at other times exercised living…

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Christ in You!

Nearly seven years later, it seems that we are no closer to becoming like Him now than then.

A Glorious Church!

What a wonderful truth to know; and what a glorious reality when we live it out! 

Colossians 1:27“His glory is not revealed through good deeds, necessarily, since anyone can do a certain measure of good; but rather, HIS GLORY is revealed by HIS LIFE lived out through us.  It will include good deeds, sure enough, but it is SO MUCH MORE than that!  It is LIFE!”

Oh, to imagine that God’s glory may be revealed in and through His people by His life in us!  What a deal – only believe, obey, and let Him live!  His life in us is all due to His goodness to reach out to us, and to His greatness to make it all possible!  Rejoice in HIS life in YOU, today!

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Our Spiritual Endowment (intro.)

Our Spiritual Endowment – …still available, but largely untapped.

The Spirit of God from Beginning to End – It is not by accident that the Bible begins and ends with the Spirit of God, or that we see Him in action all the way through.  Genesis 1:2 says, “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”  And in Revelation 22:17, we find, “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’”

First we see God’s Spirit active in creation, and last we see Him calling us to our Creator’s own eternal home.  In between we see Him in operation literally hundreds of times.  And now, throughout this New Covenant period when God is working with us by many ways and means, each one either directly or indirectly involves His Spirit.

Our salvation comes through the Person and work of God’s Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and our constant Companion is the Holy Spirit.  Many volumes have been written about the third Person of the Godhead, indescribable as He is, and countless conversations held, but still so much about Him remains a mystery.  So much about Him, and how God would use Him through us, can only be learned when we actually experience Him personally.  That is what God wants.

This little explanation about our spiritual endowment is meant to simply, and succinctly point out the vital role the Holy Spirit was meant to play in our lives as followers of Jesus Christ, God’s ambassadors to the world.  The Bible teaches that God would have Him play a much more prominent role in our daily lives than most of us realize.  And that should be an issue of great concern to all of us.  He is God.  And He is God’s Agent in the world today, bringing about God’s perfect plan even as we speak.  He is carefully orchestrating nations and kingdoms, spiritual dominions and the powers that be, things both great and small, leading everything to God’s predetermined end – that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and that God the Father is glorified to the full!  The Spirit of God is the gift of God to all those born of Him, and God the Father wants us to work in concert with Him constantly, and continually.  Let us do just that!

The Hope of God’s Glory in the World – The Spirit of God revealed mysteries of ages past to the apostle Paul, first – secret truths put in place before the world began.  They were spoken by the prophets, but never really understood.  Those hidden secrets, referred to approximately twenty times throughout the New Testament, involve God’s work among us, how He freely gave up His own life to the death so that we might be saved; and afterward that He would come alongside us, and even inside us making His abode, accompanying us all the way to our heavenly home.  What an incomprehensible thought!  But what a profound reality!  Right now “we have this treasure [His Spirit] in our earthen vessel.” II Cor. 4:7

“To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Col. 1:27

This present-day, inconceivable union between God and man is how God chose to glorify Himself in the world more than in any other way.  That alone should get and keep our undivided attention.  I pray that I will give Him my utter devotion, and that you will too.

O dry bones, hear the word of The Lord!

Do not be discouraged brothers and sisters!  We are about to see it again!  And if we will keep this thought at the forefront of our minds as we enter into even more perilous times, we can rejoice all along the highway of greater holiness!  Along this highway we will have a greater opportunity than ever before to enjoy His glorious presence and power since we are among those who will make up His Glorious Bride!

A number of years ago the Holy Spirit quickened to my heart a likeness to Ezekiel’s prophecy about the restoration of natural Israel that the world officially signed into place on November 29, 1947, and that Britain permitted to become a reality on May 14, 1948 – some 2,500 years after Ezekiel prophesied.  In the same way that the bones stood up and came together then took on flesh followed by the breath of God giving His life, Old Covenant Law was like the skeletal structure upon which God would add “grace and truth” that came through Jesus Christ (adding flesh to the bones), followed by the infilling of the Spirit of The Lord giving His life.

Today, I would like to share another simple observation.  Those foundational truths that were rediscovered as a result of the Reformation era may be likened to those bones standing up and coming together again.  The spiritual revelation received that added spiritual knowledge with understanding for those who sought Him outside Mainline denominational institutions may be likened unto the flesh coming on those bones.  Then finally, periodic outpourings of His Spirit throughout the last few centuries have added His breath and life to much of His body.  I have been convinced by revelation of His Spirit lining up perfectly with His Word that the greatest outpouring is still to come; and all those outside the camp who seek Him in Spirit and in Truth will receive a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, even with the power of the first Pentecost, so that we will be completed as His Glorious Bride! (Ephesians 4:13-16)

Take heart.  There is much glory to come along with much persecution!  I remember the first time the Holy Spirit inspired me to preach about coming persecution to the West.  It was in the late nineties.  I was in a city somewhere in South America, the meeting hall was packed to capacity, and the believers were sitting on the edge of their seats!  What The Lord spoke through me that day has remained a primary part of my understanding since then.  In the midst of persecution we will see His manifested power and know His presence in a way that previous generations of persecuted believers have not known on a broad scale.  This is not to say that it will not be difficult, but that as we truly become more like Him, growing in our intimate relationship with Him, we will take on the attitude of Paul and Silas in prison, where they were singing in spite of it all!  Whatever evil could befall them was of no consequence to their joy in The Lord.  This is important to lay hold of, and even to look forward to!

Through continual prayer and seeking of His face for many years, I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me that even the very difficult road of persecution that awaits those of us outside the camp will have the opportunity to walk in the joy of His presence and power in a way that no other generation of persecuted Christians has ever seen.  This fresh surge of His presence and power has everything to do with the time in which we live, and what He is preparing us to become – His Bride.  His fresh breath is about to be blown upon us in a way that will enable us far beyond all that we could ask, or think, or even imagine!  Far beyond what we are seeing in the persecuted church in the world today.

Oh, dry bones… Take on flesh, and receive the knowledge of The Lord with understanding… Seek to become like Him exactly as He is, and patiently wait on an outpouring of His Spirit to accompany us all the way through with His life!

Holiness in the Lord

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” Heb. 12:14

That is a stand-alone statement – apart from all other aspects of a person’s life and/or his or her perceived relationship with God. Even those of us who are born of His Spirit must walk in holiness if we would see God. That is a lot to swallow, but it is confirmed many times throughout the Bible, nonetheless.

The same Holy Spirit who inspired the writer of Hebrews inspired the other writers of the Bible, making abundantly clear that anyone who is not holy cannot see the Lord. This is a fundamental truth, and it is not one to be made light of. In today’s era of post-modern church, “gospel speakers” (there are no post-modern-minded preachers) belittle those of us who still recognize God’s call for personal responsibility toward Godliness, beginning with holiness (separation from the world and the lust of the flesh thereof). My friend, the holy state God freely gave us remains only as we pursue a walk in that holiness, otherwise we can become unholy again. Fortunately, God is long-suffering and patient, working with us for many years through the personal sanctification (holiness) process. For this we should be forever grateful! But there may come a time when we are called to give account, and are not ready due to our slothfulness to respond properly to His great patience.

Let us take heed to our need for holiness and separation from the world with the lust thereof, especially from the lust of the flesh by which we may be so easily beset.

“If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” II Cor. 3:17

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